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Art is created along time ago. Through art humans are learned to express their emotions, attitudes and experiences in the world. Sometimes its hard to say something or describe, then example painting and drawing are just the right way who can express everything. Just put all the feelings on the paper and thats all.Thats the reason why art are important.  
Hard to say what is art, because that is a very broad concept. Basically one important feature of art is interactivity. Art is something that human has done to viewing and listening.
To me art is something extraordinary and I see it in paintings.I like very much nature paintings where i see beautiful nature and like paradise, where are no problems and everything seems alraight. 

There are some examples:



Desperate housewives

Desperate housewives is an American television comedy-drama serial.
Created by: Marc Cherry
Produced by : ABC Studios.

This searial has 7 seasons.
This searial is about group of women who lives in neighborhood and actually are good friends. This searial shows their lives, conflicts and love issues.
This was the  first American searial,what i started to follow. Already at the beginning i really liked it. Some parts of searial reminder me my own life, maybe thats why i liked/like it that much. Actors are very good in desperate housewives and fit perfectly into this. My personal favorite is Teri Hatcher as Susan Mayer,because she is like a typical woman,whose live spins around the love.

The main housewive characters are:
Teri Hatcher as: Susan Mayer   

Eva Longoria as: Gabrielle Solis

Maricia Cross as: Bree Van De Kamp

Felicity Huffman as: Lynette Scavo

Nicollette Sheridan as: Edie Britt

Dana Delany as: Katherine Mayfair



Silvia Angelica Navarro Brava
Silvia Navarro was born in Guanajuato, Mexico on14 September 1978.
She is actress and model, known for its holdings in film and TV. In the year 1999 Silvia got the first main role in the telenovela "Catalina y Sebastian". Basically,after that started her career in acting.
She is known besides having the main role in thouse telenovelas:
 Manana es para siempre (2008) and
 Cuando me enamoro (2010).
Practically when I started to follow "Manana es para siempre" i noticed how great and beautiful actor Silvila Navarro is. After that i started to search more information about her and now she is my favorite actress.
In the year 2001 and 2002 Silvia worked as a model for Mexican Companies. There are some picturses about her.

Silvia Navarro to play in theatre too. On 26 July 2002. She played in serie "Cara a Cara" as a role of young student.

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 Lipstick jungle                    
                                                                               Created by: DeAnn Heline and Eileen Heisler 

It is a American TV-comedy drama.Main characters:

*Brooke Shields as: Wendy Healy

    *Kim Raver as: Nico Reilly

         *Lindsay Price as: Victory Ford

  Paul Blackthorne as: Shane Healy
   Robert Buckley as: Kirby Atwood
    Andrew McCarthy as: Joe Bannett


Lipstick Jungle is a dramedy following the professional and personal lives of three best friends, all of whom are top professionals in their respective careers. Victory Ford (Price) is a fashion designer, Nico Reilly (Raver) is the editor-in-chief of Bonfire Magazine, and Wendy Healy (Shields) is the former president of Parador Pictures, currently producing independently. These three powerful women are always there to support one another and navigate the crazy, romantic, and sometimes scary, world that is New York City.

At the first time when  I've actually watched a program from the very beginning. This is no "Sex In The City" type of show and it should not be compared to it. This series is fantastic with it's own spin on women who live in New York. As it is, given my schedule I watch the show online and did not miss an episode.

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Book analysis

Book: Horror High- Grave IntenTions
Written by: Robert Lawrence Stine(R.L.Stine)

Plot: The book is about a girl named Olivia, who`s a girl at school that everyone wants to be. Perfect look and has everything what she could wish for - including the perfect boyfriend Josh. Until she discovers that he isn´t so perfect boyfriend after all and dumps him.
At the same night when Olivia dumps him, Josh dies in a terrible accident. At least that`s what Olivia thinks, but after that Olivia starts seeing him everwhere and Josh won`t leave her alone.

Olivia is a girl,with a perfect look and perfect boyfriend Josh. Olivias bestfriend is Amy who dosent live near to her, but anyway they always talk`s in the phone about everything even if they don`t see each others.. Then there is Owen, who`s Josh`s bestfriend and actually Olivia dosent` t really like him, because of his style and indifference.  And Ben, who is Olivia`s new boyfriend after Josh.
Amy really care about her bestfriend Olivia and  she want`s her the best, and she thinks that Josh is the best boyfriend to her ,because he really love and care about her. And since Amy dosen`t are near to Olivia always, she knows that there are Josh who will take good care of her.
Josh is dramatic boy,whose dream is to become an actress and somethimes he takes it too seriously.He thinks that life is a some kind of movie.
One day Olivia wakes up and understand`s that Josh isn`t that kind of guy that she like. Olivia meets a handsome and good guy Ben and she falls in love. Then she decided that to be honest with the bouth of guys with Josh and Ben she have to dump Josh.
Then Josh will invite Olivia out with his bestfriend Owen and they went for a ride with Olivias car. Olivia has a change to dump him but she dosen`t..
Josh will again acting like he fall down of the three and "dies" At least thats what Olivia thinks, then he wakes up and says that it was a joke and he`s a sorry about that . Then he will show it again to his bestfriend Owen and he really this time with out acting will  slipped down and dies. Olivia is shocked and without thinking will drive away with a car and gets into a car-accident. She wakes up in hospital where her mom told`s her what happend and then there must also be Owen who told`s him that his a sorry about the accident and that Josh is dead. Then after few weeks she returns home and will have date with her new boyfriend Ben. After Date Josh will call her and tell that he have to see her. Then they meets and Olivia cant belive her eyes that Josh is alive and his a OKEI. Then after that they will meet a few times and Olivia tells to Amy that Josh is alive and Amy`s happy for that and asks about Ben,that what Olivia decides to do now ,when she knows that Josh is alive and she has already a new boyfriend Ben. That does she tell Josh that everything is over and she had now a new boyfriend.Then Olivia says, that its not bad, to have two boyfriends at the same time. Amy dosen`t like that idea.
After that, calls ben and asks her out but she will lie to him and says that she is sick and can`t come . She decides to go dateing with Josh, she noticed a lots of different things about Josh and are very surprised. That Josh`s body is very cold and skin is very white. And every time she noticed a new different and strange things, but the strangest thing however, is that she sees him everywhere and Josh will not leave her alone.
Then Owen will call her and says that Josh is back from a deadh and wants to pay her back, pay back for letting Josh die.
Olivia is very scared of Josh, who wants might kill her anytime.
She will invite Amy and Ben to her house and tells all about Josh`s plan. Then Josh will come there to kill Olivia, but Olivia to self-defense will grabb the knife and plunged the blade deep into Josh`s chest. Then comes Owen who pushes Olivia away and  will accuse her of murdening Josh. Then Josh wakes up and they says to Olivia that thats all was a big joke, because they wanted to revenge, that she dosen`t help Josh that night and let him die,After that Police will come and takes Owen away, And everybody will think that its all over now, but its really not. Then comes again Josh who takes knife and show her that she really killed him last time,but now he`s back and wants really kill her and does not never live her alone...

All that takes place principle  in Olivias house. And mostly it is night when everything happens.
I think this book message to everyone is, never don`t lie and tell always truth even if it hurts because truth is always better than lie. And you will never know what will happend next if you lie all the time.

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You, me and dupree
Romantic-comedy film. Written by Mike LeSieur

Its a verry good and funny movie, i really liked that a lot. There are some good actors like Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson and Michael Douglas.
Carl and Molly Peterson (Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson), take the first steps in a common life-on cute house, boring neighbors, permanent jobs and the typical routines of the respondents substances. Their full ideal threat is only one unfortunate incident ...
And his name is Dupree.
Randy Dupree (Owen Wilson), Carl's old friend and a committed bachelor, is deadlocked after kicked out of work. Carl prompted by the homeless friend that inhabited by the bar's position and welcome him to their  home.
When Carl focus too much to job, they will be increasingly difficult to understand Dupreen behaviors.  And worst of all, Dupree becomes a good friend to Molly. His carefree attitude and charm  will be not unnoticed in also neighbors and even to Molly's father (Michael Douglas), What of course Carl don`t like...

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       Guess is a American luxury clothing and accessories line.Which is also my favorite.
Guess is founded by four brothers Georges, Armand, Paul, and Maurice Marciano. They invested money to "Family" business.
 The first products was jeans (three-zipper style) they named "Marlyn".
After that came tiny boutiques and  other shops.

There are some things what i would like to have...